Saturday, 24 November 2012


To name one of my little photoshoots this summer I played with the name of the Comme des Graçons brand. My friends Dasha and Alina as young women of 1910's.

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It's been 2 moths that I'm in Paris, trying to do mt best in coping with all the language problems, which make it much harder to stand all the school tasks. I miss home, that's for sure, but I know I'm here for the best! These are some Instagram pictures of my everyday life. Studio, Disneyland (why not :D), Montparnasse, Champs Elysées and Jardin du Luxembourg, exhibition at Monet museum, as well as the beautiful haute couture dress at Sonia Rykiel boutique.

And you, where are you know?
Fashion pictures and looks coming soon on the blog :)



I really love the new photoshoot by Julia Hetta for Dazed & Confused magazine. Eventhough at the moment I'm searching for more "luminous" and brighter looks, brighter colours, I'm really trapped by the geometry and pose here. The image is rather surrealist, which is close to my vision, and the approach to the body as an abstract figure for some pictures and as a doll body for others is stunning.
What do you think?

Styling: Cathy Edwards
Hair: Joseph Pujalte
Make-up: Lili Choi

From The Libertine magazine


Wednesday, 31 October 2012


And now I have some pictures from Victor & Rolf show. A little late though :D

As for the show, Victor & Rolf have a fantasy and feminine look for the season, using mirror decor and soft colors. All at once I start thinking of Alice in Wonderland when I look though the pictures of the show.  But this is definitely what Victor & Rolf always do, they play. Their work is really about imagination. I also noticed that they show some huge "exaggerated" parts, as they did before. This time this is the mirror bow.


Due to some problems with my PC I couldn't post what I wanted to a few weeks ago. Still I want to do it, even though it might be a bit late :D

The event was my first visit to fashion week in Paris! I actually realized how it's great to post and be a part of the beautiful industry of fashion. So I'm really happy to be in Paris now as I moved hear for my photography studies.

In particular I managed to take a look on Haider Ackerman's guests, and what's more I attended Victor&Rolf show! This is an amazing experience and nearly a dream come true - being on a fashion show like that and seeing so many stylish people.

In this post see the pictures before and after Heider Ackermann show.

Anna Dello Russo!

Elisa Nalin!

Hope you like it!
See other photographs here: !

Thursday, 19 July 2012

PHOTO - blue air

I took a few nice pictures during the workshop of photographer Denis Grigoriev, who I suppose is the best fashion photographer in my home city. This is one of those pictures.

It's awful I hadn't got enough time to write in the blog, hope from now on that will be much easier.

Have a nice evening!

Sunday, 8 April 2012


I finally decided to start posting looks, though I have no idea how it will be 'graded' by you guys. Tell me what you think! I've recently bought this striped shirt and I hope to find as many ways to wear it as I can because I really love it... Can't wait for the summer to wear it with heels or converse outdoors - here the snow started melting only a week ago I suppose.
This is: 
UCB shirt 
ZARA white shirt 
Diesel jeans 
Marc O'Polo shoes

Thursday, 8 March 2012

KONY 2012

I would like to share would I should really. You might have heard about the Invisble Children before. This is what the organisation does and how is it great.

Help and make Kony famous!

Sunday, 4 March 2012


Here are some of my favourites from the recent fashion week in Paris.

LANVIN Fall 2012 retrieved from Russian Fashion TV blog