Thursday, 16 February 2012


Hi everyone,

My name is Vasilisa and, well, I think I should tell you why I decided to start a blog. "Life, photo and fashion" blog :)

For a lot of years now I've been in love in photography very much. Taking photos became a part of my life, a huge part actually. I love taking portraits, abstract pictures and imagining somewhat fantasy pictures, hoping to realise those images and shoot them later on. This is why I want to relate my future career with photography. These days I've also become interested in filming and cinematography, creating stories and shooting motion picture. So perhaps you will also see some videos on the blog!

Neveretheless, fashion is also one of my interests. I'm fond of designing stuff and I also had an idea of becoming a fashion designer some time ago. I absolutely agree with a statement that your personal style can represent you as an artistic creative person.

As well as these, my hobbies are dance, music, writing, psychology, philosophy and travelling. This is why I can call my mind a real diversity, due to the various, diverse interests of mine.

Here I would like to share my photos, looks and life experiences. Hope you like it!

See you in the next post ;)

P.S.: gg. is my nickname from middle school which does not actually have a special meaning. It's only the first letter of my surname doubled. The meaning is only that there's a funny story around this nickname :)

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