Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Due to some problems with my PC I couldn't post what I wanted to a few weeks ago. Still I want to do it, even though it might be a bit late :D

The event was my first visit to fashion week in Paris! I actually realized how it's great to post and be a part of the beautiful industry of fashion. So I'm really happy to be in Paris now as I moved hear for my photography studies.

In particular I managed to take a look on Haider Ackerman's guests, and what's more I attended Victor&Rolf show! This is an amazing experience and nearly a dream come true - being on a fashion show like that and seeing so many stylish people.

In this post see the pictures before and after Heider Ackermann show.

Anna Dello Russo!

Elisa Nalin!

Hope you like it!
See other photographs here: !

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