Saturday, 9 November 2013

PHOTO - Trip to Munich

A pic from my 4-days trip to Munich. I loved the colors of the city. The end of October, beginning of November: everything is covered with the beautiful golden leaves. Together with pure blue sky, which also has slightly orange hue on sunset, and vivid green grass, it makes a wonderful color palette that I should have captured definitely. And I did. For some reason you don't find such a picture in Paris at this time. This why I'm happy to find it there.

xx, gg

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Style, back / outside Victor & Rolf and Acne

Thank you The Sartorialist :)

I'd like to dedicate a separate post to this publication on Scott Schuman's blog (second post actually). One of the pictures appeared yesterday on The Sartorialist.

I am honored to be on this blog and I am touched the commentary after the picture:

"There’s a specific moment in every young person’s life when their intellect doesn’t match their physical body. On the inside you’re a young adult, but on the outside you’re a large child, or vice versa. This photograph to me is a perfect example of that special moment in life. I love that this young lady is right on the verge of sophistication. An adorable haircut, well-appointed wardrobe and yet almost toy-like, mousey shoes. She is too close to the age of playing with toys for the shoes to be ironic, so you’re only left with sincerity."

As a foreign student in Paris I am learning to live on my own and I am truly dedicated to work, though I remember I am young... My style expresses what I am living a certain degree.

Streets in Paris, outside shows

Saturday, 28 September 2013


And a small separate post about what I was wearing for yesterday's Margiela show. (It's cool and kind of showing your respect to the designers, when you wear their items for their show :D)

COS bag

xx, gg


As Paris Fashion Week is going on, today was he day that Maison Martin Margiela had the show and I was happy to attend it as photographer for a fashion boutique back in Perm, Russia. Here come the pictures (fresh! :D) from the show.

The collection was a surprise for me due to many glitter decor that is different from what I expected to see. For me Martin Margiela is more laconic, like at the  FW 2014-2013 show. Yet the collection has a number of items that preserve more or less discreet masculine style. Anyway, the glittery parts remind of last Haute Couture collection and the legendary Margiela mask.

That's it for Margiela, more streetstyle coming soon :)

xx, gg

Thursday, 26 September 2013




Loads of work to do before the beginning of studies next week, still I'm gonna give a short report about what happened to me today.
Well, I met Scott Schuman and Camila from The Sartorialist outside the shows in Paris and was shot by them. This is actually something I couldn't expect, being noticed by such a person as Mr Schuman! That's, as I discovered, a lot thanks to Marc by Marc Jacobs mice ballerinas I was wearing today, that were a good detail for my simple-but-cute look today. So, meeting these people cheered me up much and I hope to see the pictures soon.

Camila taking picture of me taking picture of her

(An old snap of the shoes):

I didn't have much time to take street style pictures, so I am not going to post a whole street report yet. Still there are a few pictures coming up...

xx, gg

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Voir Autrement, my Russian exhibition

I've been so busy a few last days due to coming back to Paris (packing, flying, sleeping afterwards :D) and previously with the opening of my personal exhibition in my hometown in Russia, Perm.

"Voir Autrement" ("see differently" in English) is the title of the exhibition. Why so? See differently is actually an objective I am trying to follow in my creative work all the time. Searching for a hidden sense in something at the first sight simple and obvious. Transform the world around into a set of lines, colors and geometrical shapes. Creating an imaginary world of associations and memories, only your world, through capturing what you see. This is what I follow.

Most of the work exposed was done during the last year in France, while studying at the art school École de Condé (that I'm attending this year, too. Classes start next week). This is why the main title is in French.

The exhibition opened its doors last Friday in one of Perm's art galleries HOLST (the name means "canvas" in English). The opening night was organized as a "photo party" (as I called it): besides the works exposed (printed works and a digital presentation of other works), we also organized a photo studio right in the middle of the room, where all the visitors where able to take pictures with a model (I invited one of my model friends Yana to attend the opening) or be photographed by me. In the end we had lots of great pictures (of Yana and visitors, too). This is also a part of the "voir nutriment" idea, because this is not what is a standard opening ceremony is supposed to be. Also as I create a graphical story of shapes and colors in my pictures, a story of this kind was also being created during the event.
See some pictures and videos (TV reports in Russian) from the opening :)

The exhibition will last until 4th October. A few days later I'm going to make an on-line version of it that will be available on the blog for my international friends and followers :) As well as that, the pictures from the studio are arriving soon!

xx, gg

Thursday, 19 September 2013


As I wrote before in the blog, I often "transfer" my own looks to the models of my photographs. The last time I did this with the Acne sweatshirt and my friend Kate, who was also the model for the orange series.
"Hana" means "flower" in Japanese. I've been thinking of doing something close to Japanese style for a long time. I did a geisha-like make-up and added my own style to it, if I can say so: have a look at the eyes. Doing "digital make-up" has become my hobby recently. Why not? At least if you are not perfect in using eyeliner (my case :D), the easiest thing is to learn quick and eye-catching Photoshop.

Model: Kate Troyanova

xx, gg