Friday, 30 August 2013

GARAGE COLLAGE: new Garage issue

The cover of the new issue of GARAGE Magazine is an eye-cathing collaboration by Inez & Vinoodh and John Baldessari. Inez & Vinoodh are ones of the most "wanted" fashion and celebrity photographers now, Baldessari is an American conceptual artist, whose works are often about "reworking" human body with help of his personal collage technique. It's fun how a person becomes and object of art! I think that this kind of work can change an attitude to a picture a lot. I mean, look at the original work by I&V. Chick, beautiful, somewhat classic technique.  Look at the second one: there is suddenly a lot of humor in the same picture.
By the way, as we started talking about this cover, you see the pink/bubble gum color of the background. This color seems to become a "trend of all trends" of the upcoming season, if not all trends, than at least a great number of them :) This got me interested. Will post a selection of pinky styles and photos in next few days!
And now a selection of Baldessari's work.

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PHOTO - Casual Bicolor

One of my tasks for this summer (school tasks) was to take a series of monochrome or polychrome photographs. Monochrome is not exactly black and white. It might be red and blue, green and white. Polychrome picture is one with 3 colors in it. I was happy to receive such task, as I love experimenting with color in general. You can see some "total blue" pictures in previous posts. Learning more about photography and design, I pay lots of attention to color choice of a photograph (the same as in styling clothes etc.). These three pictures are on topic of mono/polychrome/, but it is not the final work for this task :) It will come soon, kind of a huge photography project, and I am impatient to do this shooting.
"Casual Bicolors": the "raw material" was pictures with Alina during a break the day we had our Lennon shooting :) This is why I put "casual": this was a simple moment, no special intention. Looking through the simple pictures after shooting, I imagined it could be nice to add something to them. I colored the pictures in one color, and emphasized the eye, the main part of the picture, by coloring it in another color.
 One of the designs was inspired by works of a French artist Vincent Beaurin (blue circle + orange background). Others have different "eye" shapes.

Thursday, 29 August 2013


I met my friends Alina and Artem to take pictures during their short stay in our city. On of our inspirations were John Lennon and Yoko Ono.
I shall thank them for giving me this great chance to photograph people in love. I have to say feelings are something that change my attitude to my own pictures a lot. Even if it might seem just an ordinary picture, a lot of emotion is hidden in it. The excitement of shooting, the excitement of connecting to people through photography. I am used to taking pictures on my own, in my own world. But it's so great to try and capture someone else's story in my photography. 
John Lennon's and Yoko Ono's Embrace is the picture taken by Annie Leibovitz on the day Lennon was killed. 

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flower obsession part 3

The final of my flower obsession messages (but I'm sure there will be more in the future). I really love orchids. A pure and a sort of stylish thing :D Well I am not a very very huge flower fan, but quite like flower prints on clothes. Which probably makes me wanna take pictures with flowers, kind of creating a base for a print (by the way I'm wearing a flower print shirt right now!).

Model: Alina Leitush

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The certain approach to studying photography at my parisian school forced me to learn how to use film cameras. It's actually not that I didn't want to learn film, I did, but never got to start. Now that I've started it seems that I do understand the opinion that film pictures have a soul, they are more valuable. Well, I don't 100% agree with this, but I understand why people think so and they have a right to think so.
All the emotion, impatience you have before you see the photograph printed, and today's certain attitude to old cameras, which makes it a symbol of history and the past. Analogue also makes you respect the foundation of photography and its rules, most of old cameras being fully manual (we had film cameras with automatic programs in 90's... and LOMO cams), so you learning what is aperture, shutter speed etc.
As for digital photography, anyway we should all agree that this is the "natural scientific" evolution (yes, sounds strange, but you can understand the meaning), and all the technologies created earlier have become more advanced. Advanced technology, eased use and therefore higher popularity. Now you don't need much to take a picture. You know that. So the boarder between "an ordinary person with a camera" and "a talented photographer" are now not that obvious. Which makes me hesitate whether I am the first or the second one. Yet hope I am number 2, but still have a lot of stuff to learn.
And what will happen to photography in future? Well, this is for sure that the technology will be more and more advanced. In some years we will have all the functions of a professional reflex camera in a small gadget smaller than our cell phones today. But film is still used, both a number of professional photographers devoted to film and the "film fashion", with young people all other the world carrying Leika's, LOMO's etc. (sometimes they are called "hipsters", yep... but I don't really like this sort of labeling). This makes it possible that we will also not forget analogue (for some years at least). Film is very probable to still be one's preference. Film's professional future? Analogue photography might appear just too "slow" for media, with a much faster flow of information and a need to get pictures much quicker than today. As even today, especially in digital media you have to post a thing faster than everybody else does, otherwise you won't get views.  Imagine our future, when media will grow more and more.
This was a bit of reflection, now some of my daily life film pics...

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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

flower obsession part 2 - roses

One more flower photo with my friend Dasha, taken on a sunny day at my Russian apartment a few weeks ago (presence of sun = good natural light for pics). This one was inspired by one of the photographs by Mert and Marcus in Vogue Paris September 2011. An old one, but a catchy one, Andrej Pejik with a rose. Interpretation in a very soft way thanks to the choice of depth of field and a female model, which no longer adds a "rebel" emotion to the picture, this is what I have.

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flower obsession part 1

Recently I've had a lot of flowers on my pictures. To be more precise, girls and flowers. Flower as a sort of accessory to the look, used in a particular way. But a really important accessory. An important part of a picture, that makes a certain attitude to it.
First one is this, again with Maora. 

Dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013


One of the shootings I did in Paris in June was also this one, with Dasha Daraganova, model from Moscow who came to work in France. It was really cool to meet a Russian person at work in France, also young and hard-working as I am (well I hope I'm hard-working :D). Dasha was actually the model for our studio shooting with Maxime Stange and Pauline Darley, photographers with whom I had the internship. The shooting was done for Pose Mag. I had around 15-20 minutes to shoot during a break. 
Of course, as I even didn't know I'd have time to take my own pictures, I didn't have any idea for the pics beforehand. But when our stylist Tatiana showed me which outfits I can use for my photos, I decided to take this leather coat/dress, experiment in way as this kind of style is quite different from what I usually choose. This is a "brutal", masculine piece. But I thought it would be nice to focus on skin: the dress (let it be dress) leaves a big part of shoulders uncovered, showing body + the leather material of the outfit gave me this association with skin + the second color on the dress, beige, matches skin. And in the end Dasha's hairstyle and make-up which were ready before I started suited the dress, so I chose it :D
Quite a simple look of the pictures gave me a lot of space to do some photoshopping.


Model: Dasha Daraganova 
@ Ten Feet Under Studio

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Monday, 26 August 2013


Another picture with Maora. A modern day Snow White, this was what I wanted to do. Dressed in white doll-like shirt with a bow and sort of massive wedges (not that massive, but quite massive :D), very light skin and dark hair a little curly on the ends. All in all, a "Snow White" feeling comes thanks to a very light look plus a doll look, which adds a fairy tale style to the pic. And of course the famous apple from the story, which we interpreted in a way that it will suit well the picture. Small light green apples instead of a big red one keep a very light and pure look to the whole photograph.

I should say that this time I did what I really intended to do. You know sometimes you don't get to do what you actually planned. The result can be different from what you wanted, which happenes very often with me. But this time I got exactly the same picture that I had in my head. I'm quite happy about this and hope this will happen more often to me :D

Shirt: COS
Shoes: ZARA

You can see it here too:

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Saturday, 24 August 2013


Another part of our whole-day shooting with Maora.
The idea of making the transparency effect came out of the texture of the background. I thought this kind of background gives a certain mood to the picture, it is quite a "strong" background. Why not give it more space?

Looking through my fashion pics I also think of a special principle that's coming out, a tendency that is not planned, not on purpose: my models are wearing my own looks. Rather than taking pictures of myself dressed in a thing, like all normal personal style bloggers do, I give these clothes to the model :D  This is not a universal trend for all my fashion pictures, but is seen through a number of them. So, yes, I wanted to wear this Lacoste dress myself. See what came out!

Model: Maora Cerrone
Dress: Lacoste

Friday, 23 August 2013


Hi there! Again a long vacation, but a new decision about what should I blog. After a deep reflexion on my dreams and aims, I think at this very moment I want to stick to photography and the "photographic" part of fashion world, which is the closest thing to me. I am a young photographer, craving to explore new ways of expression and new about the world of photography. I love fashion, and, well yes, I like styling, but writing a personal style blog is not something I really want to do. If I wanted, I would do it constantly and not forget about the blog each half a year and remember of it when I see people dressed up on fashion week :D I'd like to speak more about photography and bring something new to the audience.
 My own photographic work, as well as my observations and thoughts of fashion photography in the world, this will be the main direction to this story. You will also see my style and traveling notes, if I get to post these ;D

So this very shooting is one of those I did during my internship at Ten Feet Under Studio in June. Inspired by the light scheme by Pierre Debusschere and the trend of blue color, I wanted to do something very luminous and mysterious. Blue is my favorite color. As I think many of you do, I associate it first with dreaming, sky and this "mystery". This was a quick shooting of 20-30 minutes, after this Maora, the model and my fellow intern, and I switched to another look, which you will see in the next post.

I found these peacock feathers in our studio and the idea of adding this beautiful natural touch to our pictures. You can't see Maora's eyes on the pictures, you see only the peacock eye. Hiding eyes is something I started doing a lot in my work. This is a sort of "depersonalisation" and closing one's self in his own inner world. This is what I was thinking about this time. 

I also think the absence of a model's gaze or even the hole face, as it was previously on Martin Margiela pic, makes the person closer to being an abstract figure, a geometric object. Both "being in the inner world" and "seeing thing as "geometric shapes" is close to me. A dreamer keen on shapes and lines :D

Dress: MONKI

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