Friday, 30 August 2013

GARAGE COLLAGE: new Garage issue

The cover of the new issue of GARAGE Magazine is an eye-cathing collaboration by Inez & Vinoodh and John Baldessari. Inez & Vinoodh are ones of the most "wanted" fashion and celebrity photographers now, Baldessari is an American conceptual artist, whose works are often about "reworking" human body with help of his personal collage technique. It's fun how a person becomes and object of art! I think that this kind of work can change an attitude to a picture a lot. I mean, look at the original work by I&V. Chick, beautiful, somewhat classic technique.  Look at the second one: there is suddenly a lot of humor in the same picture.
By the way, as we started talking about this cover, you see the pink/bubble gum color of the background. This color seems to become a "trend of all trends" of the upcoming season, if not all trends, than at least a great number of them :) This got me interested. Will post a selection of pinky styles and photos in next few days!
And now a selection of Baldessari's work.

xx, gg

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