Friday, 30 August 2013

PHOTO - Casual Bicolor

One of my tasks for this summer (school tasks) was to take a series of monochrome or polychrome photographs. Monochrome is not exactly black and white. It might be red and blue, green and white. Polychrome picture is one with 3 colors in it. I was happy to receive such task, as I love experimenting with color in general. You can see some "total blue" pictures in previous posts. Learning more about photography and design, I pay lots of attention to color choice of a photograph (the same as in styling clothes etc.). These three pictures are on topic of mono/polychrome/, but it is not the final work for this task :) It will come soon, kind of a huge photography project, and I am impatient to do this shooting.
"Casual Bicolors": the "raw material" was pictures with Alina during a break the day we had our Lennon shooting :) This is why I put "casual": this was a simple moment, no special intention. Looking through the simple pictures after shooting, I imagined it could be nice to add something to them. I colored the pictures in one color, and emphasized the eye, the main part of the picture, by coloring it in another color.
 One of the designs was inspired by works of a French artist Vincent Beaurin (blue circle + orange background). Others have different "eye" shapes.

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