Friday, 23 August 2013


Hi there! Again a long vacation, but a new decision about what should I blog. After a deep reflexion on my dreams and aims, I think at this very moment I want to stick to photography and the "photographic" part of fashion world, which is the closest thing to me. I am a young photographer, craving to explore new ways of expression and new about the world of photography. I love fashion, and, well yes, I like styling, but writing a personal style blog is not something I really want to do. If I wanted, I would do it constantly and not forget about the blog each half a year and remember of it when I see people dressed up on fashion week :D I'd like to speak more about photography and bring something new to the audience.
 My own photographic work, as well as my observations and thoughts of fashion photography in the world, this will be the main direction to this story. You will also see my style and traveling notes, if I get to post these ;D

So this very shooting is one of those I did during my internship at Ten Feet Under Studio in June. Inspired by the light scheme by Pierre Debusschere and the trend of blue color, I wanted to do something very luminous and mysterious. Blue is my favorite color. As I think many of you do, I associate it first with dreaming, sky and this "mystery". This was a quick shooting of 20-30 minutes, after this Maora, the model and my fellow intern, and I switched to another look, which you will see in the next post.

I found these peacock feathers in our studio and the idea of adding this beautiful natural touch to our pictures. You can't see Maora's eyes on the pictures, you see only the peacock eye. Hiding eyes is something I started doing a lot in my work. This is a sort of "depersonalisation" and closing one's self in his own inner world. This is what I was thinking about this time. 

I also think the absence of a model's gaze or even the hole face, as it was previously on Martin Margiela pic, makes the person closer to being an abstract figure, a geometric object. Both "being in the inner world" and "seeing thing as "geometric shapes" is close to me. A dreamer keen on shapes and lines :D

Dress: MONKI

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