Tuesday, 27 August 2013


One of the shootings I did in Paris in June was also this one, with Dasha Daraganova, model from Moscow who came to work in France. It was really cool to meet a Russian person at work in France, also young and hard-working as I am (well I hope I'm hard-working :D). Dasha was actually the model for our studio shooting with Maxime Stange and Pauline Darley, photographers with whom I had the internship. The shooting was done for Pose Mag. I had around 15-20 minutes to shoot during a break. 
Of course, as I even didn't know I'd have time to take my own pictures, I didn't have any idea for the pics beforehand. But when our stylist Tatiana showed me which outfits I can use for my photos, I decided to take this leather coat/dress, experiment in way as this kind of style is quite different from what I usually choose. This is a "brutal", masculine piece. But I thought it would be nice to focus on skin: the dress (let it be dress) leaves a big part of shoulders uncovered, showing body + the leather material of the outfit gave me this association with skin + the second color on the dress, beige, matches skin. And in the end Dasha's hairstyle and make-up which were ready before I started suited the dress, so I chose it :D
Quite a simple look of the pictures gave me a lot of space to do some photoshopping.


Model: Dasha Daraganova 
@ Ten Feet Under Studio

xx, gg

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