Monday, 26 August 2013


Another picture with Maora. A modern day Snow White, this was what I wanted to do. Dressed in white doll-like shirt with a bow and sort of massive wedges (not that massive, but quite massive :D), very light skin and dark hair a little curly on the ends. All in all, a "Snow White" feeling comes thanks to a very light look plus a doll look, which adds a fairy tale style to the pic. And of course the famous apple from the story, which we interpreted in a way that it will suit well the picture. Small light green apples instead of a big red one keep a very light and pure look to the whole photograph.

I should say that this time I did what I really intended to do. You know sometimes you don't get to do what you actually planned. The result can be different from what you wanted, which happenes very often with me. But this time I got exactly the same picture that I had in my head. I'm quite happy about this and hope this will happen more often to me :D

Shirt: COS
Shoes: ZARA

You can see it here too:

x, gg

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