Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Voir Autrement, my Russian exhibition

I've been so busy a few last days due to coming back to Paris (packing, flying, sleeping afterwards :D) and previously with the opening of my personal exhibition in my hometown in Russia, Perm.

"Voir Autrement" ("see differently" in English) is the title of the exhibition. Why so? See differently is actually an objective I am trying to follow in my creative work all the time. Searching for a hidden sense in something at the first sight simple and obvious. Transform the world around into a set of lines, colors and geometrical shapes. Creating an imaginary world of associations and memories, only your world, through capturing what you see. This is what I follow.

Most of the work exposed was done during the last year in France, while studying at the art school École de Condé (that I'm attending this year, too. Classes start next week). This is why the main title is in French.

The exhibition opened its doors last Friday in one of Perm's art galleries HOLST (the name means "canvas" in English). The opening night was organized as a "photo party" (as I called it): besides the works exposed (printed works and a digital presentation of other works), we also organized a photo studio right in the middle of the room, where all the visitors where able to take pictures with a model (I invited one of my model friends Yana to attend the opening) or be photographed by me. In the end we had lots of great pictures (of Yana and visitors, too). This is also a part of the "voir nutriment" idea, because this is not what is a standard opening ceremony is supposed to be. Also as I create a graphical story of shapes and colors in my pictures, a story of this kind was also being created during the event.
See some pictures and videos (TV reports in Russian) from the opening :)

The exhibition will last until 4th October. A few days later I'm going to make an on-line version of it that will be available on the blog for my international friends and followers :) As well as that, the pictures from the studio are arriving soon!

xx, gg

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