Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Thank you The Sartorialist :)

I'd like to dedicate a separate post to this publication on Scott Schuman's blog (second post actually). One of the pictures appeared yesterday on The Sartorialist.

I am honored to be on this blog and I am touched the commentary after the picture:

"There’s a specific moment in every young person’s life when their intellect doesn’t match their physical body. On the inside you’re a young adult, but on the outside you’re a large child, or vice versa. This photograph to me is a perfect example of that special moment in life. I love that this young lady is right on the verge of sophistication. An adorable haircut, well-appointed wardrobe and yet almost toy-like, mousey shoes. She is too close to the age of playing with toys for the shoes to be ironic, so you’re only left with sincerity."

As a foreign student in Paris I am learning to live on my own and I am truly dedicated to work, though I remember I am young... My style expresses what I am living a certain degree.

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